Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Is there a Conspiracy to promote man-made Climate Change?

The man-made global warming cult replaced science with speculation. Speculation tugging on deep human fears (peak oil / peak gas / pollution & destruction of nature). These fears were present in society. Climate alarmists levered them them to make their careers.

Climate modellers advance their careers by telling their doom laden story. Like a creature finding an ecological niche. This niche was the given by needs of politicos & intelligentsia to hear 'man is evil' narrative. Original Sin for 21st century, post-Christianity.

There's no conspiracy here. The hand fits itself to the glove unconsciously. There's incompetence, doom-mongering, saving the planet Jesus complex, careerism & evil cancellation of the 'other'. No conspiracy: because events would've proceeded much faster had there been one.

This isn't to say there's no collusion. Of course there is. There is vast amount. But it isn't a conspiracy. There is no secret blueprint they're hiding from us. On the contrary, they often make it up as they go along.

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