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Pfizer Document Concedes That There Is A Large Increase In Types Of Adverse Event Reaction To Its Vaccine

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Guy Hatchard: Pfizer document concedes that there is a large increase in types of adverse event reaction to its vaccine

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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on

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  • Document released by Pfizer apparently as a result of a Freedom Of Information court order in the USA reveals a vast array of previously unknown vaccine adverse effects compiled from official sources around the world.
  • Pfizer concedes this is ‘a large increase’ in adverse event reports and that even this huge volume is under reported.
  • Over 100+ diseases are listed, many very serious.
  • This document was compiled by Pfizer in the very early days of the vaccine rollout in NZ but was possibly not supplied to our government.
  • We examine the implications for government.

Up until now, New Zealand GPs and hospitals have been provided with a fact sheet from Pfizer listing 21 possible adverse events as a result of vaccination.

All of these are minor, requiring little or no treatment other than rest, with the exception of severe allergic reactions, myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart). As a result, most of the many thousands of New Zealanders reporting adverse effects post vaccination have been sent home with little more than advice to take an aspirin and rest. Some have been told that their conditions may be unrelated medical events, psychosomatic, or due to anxiety on their part.

Relying on the short official Pfizer fact sheet as a guide, Medsafe, our NZ medicines regulatory body, has only accepted one out of the 100+ deaths actually reported to them as related to vaccination. Most are listed as unrelated, under investigation, or unknowable. By contrast, the NZ Health Forum and other groups have collected unofficial reports of adverse effects and death proximate to vaccination. Out of 670+ reports of death compiled by the Forum, 270 have already been investigated by medical professionals and closely linked to known adverse effects. Following the publication of the new Pfizer document many more are expected to be connected with vaccination. Reports describe symptoms such as chest pain, brain fog, extreme fatigue, neurological symptoms, tachycardia, stroke, heart attacks, and many more. Collected data suggests that as many as two-thirds of adverse event enquiries made to medical staff by vaccine recipients have not been reported to CARM—the NZ system of adverse event reporting. Medsafe itself estimates in its Guide to Adverse Reaction Reporting that in NZ only 5% of adverse events are reported. As a result the NZ public is completely unaware of the extent of reported possible risks of vaccination.

The just released Pfizer document which is being circulated widely in the public domain and can downloaded from websites is entitled:


Therefore the reported side effects predate the vaccine rollout in New Zealand. The report itself was finalised by Pfizer on 30 April 2021. Did Pfizer supply this information to our government during the early days of our universal vaccination programme? If so the results should have been shared with our medical professionals, politicians, and the public. Many of the new 100+ listed new adverse event types now released by Pfizer in this 38 page document pose long term risks to health. Until very recently, the document was being withheld by Pfizer who maintained it should be kept confidential. There is a strong possibility that very large numbers of New Zealanders will suffer long term injury as a result.

How did this happen without anyone’s knowledge?

Even though the Pfizer vaccine had undergone very short trials and had provisional approval only, Medsafe did not update its CARM adverse event reporting system to make it mandatory rather than voluntary.

Medsafe did not advise GPs and Hospital staff to be on high alert for adverse events and report them rapidly and in detail.

The Government ignored the unprecedented numbers of adverse events being reported to Medsafe and circulating in the community and on social media.

The Government instituted a public relations, promotional, and media campaign advising the public that the Pfizer covid-19 mRNA vaccine was completely safe and free of serious side effects, giving the impression that there were no side effects—not even the known serious effects of heart inflammation that Pfizer had already admitted.

Unaccountably, conditions imposed by the contract that our Government signed with Pfizer for the supply of vaccines have not been made public. We suspect that the contract contains standard clauses similar to those used with drugs that have completed safety trials, such as a provision that public discussion of adverse events may only be undertaken in conjunction with the company supplying the drug. If this is the case, it will have hamstrung Medsafe and our Government in their approach to assessment and public discussion of adverse events.

What are the new risks of vaccination?

Anyone reading the new Pfizer adverse event report compilation will be staggered. The sheer density of the technical medical terms and disease names are nevertheless broken down into recognisable and serious categories of illness—kidney failure, stroke, cardiac events, pregnancy complications, inflammation, neurological disease, autoimmune failure, paralysis, liver failure, blood disorders, skin disease, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, respiratory disease, DVT, blood clots, vascular disease, haemorrhage, loss of sight, Bell’s palsy, and epilepsy.

How has this affected New Zealand?

Whilst even the official Medsafe record of adverse effects and the unofficial lists show that the immediate risks of covid vaccination could be as much as 50 – 300 times greater than even the most risky of previous traditional vaccines (such as the smallpox jab), and whilst the long term effects are unknown, 90% of eligible New Zealanders have gone ahead with vaccination having accepted the assurances of safety and efficacy from the government, or having been forced to get vaccinated under threat of loss of employment and freedom of movement. Feeling the fear of covid that has been generated by reports in the international and local media, most people completing vaccination heaved a great sigh of relief—that is one huge worry off my mind, now I can get on with my life.

Those finding that no immediate insurmountable reaction had surfaced (the majority) understandably agreed with the government: “What is all the fuss about? Why shouldn’t everyone do this, or be made to do this? It is a social good that will protect everyone”

BUT there is a huge iceberg in the path of the good ship New Zealand hidden under the waves of relief. Thousands are quietly suffering debilitating illness, unacknowledged and in some cases untreated by their doctors. For those who survived vaccination without immediate injury this was not a problem because they didn’t know about it apart from one or two complaints from friends that might just be random coincidences.

This has brought about a division in New Zealand society which the government created in the name of public safety. Thousands of dedicated servants of the nation including teachers, health workers, and others are being stigmatised and forced out of their jobs in a manner horrifyingly reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. The government did this despite knowing that the Pfizer vaccine was neither fully tested, safe, nor particularly effective. Judges handed down decisions in courts supporting the government mandates unaware of crucial mRNA vaccine safety data, all because Pfizer had withheld this information, and the government had not done its due diligence. Had the true position been known, the High Court’s NZ Bill of Rights analysis may well have been different and its provision which guarantees that every individual should be able to make their own medical choices might still be intact.

Pfizer’s conclusions

Pfizer concludes the released document with a statement “Review of the available data for this cumulative PM experience, confirms a favorable benefit:risk balance for BNT162b2.” PM stands for the Post Marketing data set they are evaluating of 42,086 reported adverse events. Pfizer makes this bald claim of benefit despite admitting that “the magnitude of underreporting is unknown”. This document contains no further substantive information in support of this claim of benefit:risk balance other than a mysterious reference to “the known safety profile of the vaccine”.

The benefit:risk argument is in essence saying: covid-19 is a serious illness and our calculations show that more people will be injured by the disease than are being injured by the vaccine, therefore there will be a net benefit. This argument falls over because of at least three very important factors: Firstly treatment options have improved and thereby the risk of serious illness and death from covid has been greatly reduced.

Secondly the risk of covid is not evenly spread. People with comorbidities (other conditions) and the elderly are at very high risk. Most other people are at very low risk. Thus vaccination could subject people at low risk from covid to a higher risk from vaccination. Approaches to preventive health education can reduce the covid risk to people with comorbidities more than vaccination can. For example a study published in the BMJ found that people following a plant based diet have a 73% reduced risk of serious illness. Data from the UK Biobank has been analysed by researchers from Manchester and Oxford Universities and the West Indies who found that shift workers (who typically have disrupted bioclocks) have three times the risk of being hospitalised with covid. Preventive remedies include changes in diet such as the introduction of more fresh fruit, vegetables, and fibre, and reductions in known unhealthy habits such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, an overly sedentary lifestyle, a predominance of ultra processed foods, and many more.

The third and most significant reason the benefit:risk argument falls over is the sheer range of adverse reaction types observed by Pfizer and kept hidden until now.

How could a single vaccine have such a wide range of effects?

The technical reasons why mRNA vaccines can have such broad effects on human health are understood by those working in gene therapy. Perfectly stable DNA function is critical to life. In turn, cell function integrity is critical to maintaining DNA. Individual cells contain mechanisms to repair their own DNA as many as 70,000 times a day. From this perspective, the in vitro laboratory study recently published in Viruses 2021, 13,2056, is indicative. It suggests a possible mechanism for vaccine harm. The study found that the spike protein localises in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair by impeding access of key DNA repair proteins. The findings reveal a potential molecular pathway by which the covid spike protein might impede adaptive immunity. They underscore the potential side effects of the full-length spike-based mRNA vaccines.

Despite a degree of cellular autonomy, the nervous system and the physiology must and does function as a whole. The entire nervous system including the immune system is a ‘part and whole’ network. The whole is in every part, the DNA is in every cell, but cell function is also related to a generalised and interconnected genetic network—the holistic functioning of the physiological network is critical to its efficiency. Thus physiological network stability (health) can be impaired by the introduction of pieces of active genetic code (biologic instructions) like those contained in mRNA vaccines.

An analogy will make this clear. We are familiar with computer networks. A very common backbone of most commercial systems is produced by Microsoft. Each computer contains the Microsoft system and the network also runs under its system. The system is supported by computer code—a set of complex instructions written by Microsoft. Individual computers can perform standalone tasks and can communicate with other computers to keep the organisation running smoothly. This can be compared to our physiology. There are many systems in the body: immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, limbic system, homeostatic mechanisms, musculoskeletal structure, neural networks, and so on. They perform apparently stand alone functions, but all run on the basis of the same genetic code contained in our DNA and communicate with one another during the process of maintaining health. Back to our analogy: office staff sometimes send messages full of spelling errors to one another but this doesn’t harm the network. If however a computer virus written in code is sent by one computer it can overwhelm and crash network function because it affects the operating system. Some networks are protected by good firewalls and others are vulnerable. The Covid vaccine introduces a sequence of information written in genetic code into our physiology. It is no wonder that it could elicit such a very broad range of adverse effects, some of which are so serious as to be analogous to a computer network crash. Some individuals have strong immune systems and are little affected, others experience problems in one or other systems. The fact that a sequence of foreign code has been introduced into the physiology produces major risks to health, risks that those working in gene therapy for the last few decades are very familiar with.

The extremely broad range of adverse effects revealed by the Pfizer document is the physiological signature of a general control system failure, a failure of the body’s overall integration and function. It is not plausible to suggest otherwise. That is why experts in genomics, even as I write, are pondering fundamental questions about the action and safety of mRNA vaccines. They are also urging caution.


The NZ government agreed commercial terms with a single company for vaccine supply. It is possible that vital information was withheld. The public was kept in ignorance of known risks. This has divided our society and undermined our fundamental Kiwi tolerance on the basis of not only incomplete but misleading safety data. The government is asleep at the wheel. Knowing full well that safety trials were incomplete, the government apparently accepted information supplied by multinational commercial interests at face value. This should be a ‘never again’ moment. There are huge lessons to be learned and an apology owed to the whole population. The provisions of the NZ BIll of Rights should be given constitutional status. The vaccine mandates should be withdrawn and those affected by them compensated. The proposed vaccination of 5 -11 year olds should be stopped.

You can purchase a copy of Guy’s book ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’ from

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  1. All of the baseless dismissals of these events is a crime aainst humanity. People dying from a virus is a natural, abeit sad, part of life. To intervene with a product that causes any measurable level of injury or death is a serious risk that has been ignored completly to date.

    If you intervene you are responsible for what happens.
    If nature takes its course then the result is down to nature

    • except for the facts that this is a lethal gen therapy and Jacinda knew this from the beginning; it is all aligned with the Labour agenda 21, now called 2030. Hope God will one day forgive her

  2. If only this type of action had taken place prior to mandates perhaps we could have had some control over our lives and livelihoods. Thank you to the brave people who continue to stand against the coercion of government, which I fear will get worse before any sense of independent freedom return.

  3. “Had the true position been known, the High Court’s NZ Bill of Rights analysis may well have been different…”

    Only part of the article I’m gonna disagree with. The courts will rubber stamp everything the government wants (they are a PART of the government). Painfully obvious they are in on the scheme, it’s not like judges can’t be bribed or threatened like everyone else.

    When you have a bill of rights that says “you have the right to refuse any medical treatment”, and a judge who apparently cannot interpret what that means, they’re either 100% corrupt or woefully incompetent. Either way, your country is in deep trouble. If they can dispense with one right, they can dispense with any and all of them, your laws and constitutions aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

    If they continue this push to criminalise innocent people (like Jacinda’s buddies in Europe are doing) they’d better be prepared for those newly-minted criminals to say “fuck it” and start behaving as criminals would

  4. No Excuses for the Government and all their advisors! I am just one average Kiwi that emailed over 500 emails to Politicians; as well as many other institutions with links; papers; and important info that they should consider regarding the dangers of these jabs. Do you know I have received less than 5 actual responses (other than the standard auto-response) from my emails. Imagine the many other thousands that have warned our Government about this! The paid off media has also a lot to answer for too but I am afraid a bigger agenda is at play. Those that have got the jab and seem fine just remember there are many more jabs ahead for you and I hope you do not suffer the many injuries that others have suffered. Those who are choosing not to take the jabs are doing so at a considerable cost in many areas of their lives but be careful those who mock others for standing up for their free choice and their integrity. Do not wish harm on others because You reap what you sow”. I am very concerned about our young innocent children that believe their parents and teachers, etc. You parents might want to see what is happening around the world regarding these jabs and how there have been thousands of miscarriages; deaths and serious injuries in children too. Don’t take my word for it; look at the Government reporting sights and listen to those medical experts that know what they are seeing in the hospitals not PR people or those that are too scared to speak out because of all the threats and blackmail leveled against them. LISTEN TO THE VICTIMS.

  5. Thank you Guy Hatchard and the Daily Telegraph. NZ and global MSM have sold their souls to International Communism. You spread hope that these so called “vaccine passports” and the slippery slope they will rapidly taking us down can be stopped.

  6. Vaccine free and always will be. Governments will be held accountable for these crimes. They knew and still mandated the ‘vaccine’.

  7. This is brilliant truth. This has reinforced my own belief on several matters. Civid as we know is a smokescreen for a much greater agenda now being unfolded.. the children are being jabbed hurriedly to get the nanoparticles in the wee bodies to be controlled at a later date.. evil operandi. FEAR FEAR FEAR… at all cost…. some work colleagues are unaware of the implications.. brainwashed! These men & women will be held accountable one day for shedding unnecessary blood. The blood is on their hands. Thx for this info.

    • Errm,no. There is no basis to any of the ‘facts’ stated in this article. If you had even a shred of scientifictrainingvyou would see through this interpretation of the document, but you don’t want to do that becuase it backs up your narrow minded view.

      • Care to elaborate on the false facts within this article? Are you proposing his statements ( opinions) about what could have happened is the false information? Or are you saying that the Pfizer documents are false information? Please clarify, otherwise we will have to assume that it is yourself whom is spreading false information. Interpretation of the document is just that, interpretation, and the writer has interpreted it in terms of the very basic level of what it sates. As you will note from the responses herein the public is more concerned about the lack of action and investigation made by officials purporting to care about safety. Regardless of the details of this document Medsafe never requested information on these injurys, the point being that the only explanation must be that they were not aware of it. Further more, the fact that Pfizer requested 55 years to release this information in the USA, and the clear evidence that there is a lot more to come, wouldnt you want to know? You do realise that in55 years, a large majority of those injected will be dead anyway and therefore could care less about the safety information. All this from a company which has been found guilty multiple times for its disregard for honesty in declaring product risks. Yes Pfizer.

      • The fact that no authority can deny is that the trial period was three months.

        Impossible to ascertain longer term effects.

        “First do no harm”.

      • Hey annon …..You mean your own narrow views, plenty of verifiable facts ,which we all know anyway, unless your really really brain dead.

  8. Why does it always take a “funded”newspaper to fold before the people belive the tin hat army? … the Daily Telegraph now the resistance or are we all just conspiracy theorists🤔

  9. If you really believe that comrade jackboot and her limited selection of obsequious and vastly over-rated medical minions are unware of these ‘problems’, I must reluctantly say, “you are a fool.’ Please open your eyes. They KNOW yet they continue on their ruthless and inhumane intentions for all adults and our precious children and that, to me, makes them deeply evil!

    • If you want proof check out the video of Jabs cinda on stage with Bill and Melinda gates. She’s standing between them, on stage, smiling. They look pretty much buddies to us. Then Jabs cinda comes out with this comment… “NZ will lead the world into the implementation of Agenda 21.”. One minor oversight on her part…. She failed to tell the people of NZ about this!! We tried so many times to warn our people about their evil agenda, and good old Zuckerberg pulled it down!!! So she is deliberately hiding this from us and she knows exactly what she is doing. She’s been trained for this role. Anyone who can’t or won’t believe this, is plain stupid. Sorry. Do your research. Agenda 21 is a 365 page document. Download it and have it read. Make sure it’s the original agreement signed in 1979

    • I note the author of this article stated “ the government has been asleep at the wheel “
      Could not disagree more. The government never was asleep. This has been a well orchestrated plot right from the get go.
      They knew exactly what they were doing, as their propaganda will attest to.
      They are not even worthy of being considered human.

  10. Is this a real expose story or an advertorial written with the express purpose of selling the books? Where is this list of 100 you speak of? You should have added that, it is not something we should have to buy a book to find out!

  11. I’m actually blown away sombody is speaking out. Guy, please be careful. I hope your employer is putting in measures to protect you against foul play. The government is so deep in this lie who knows what they will do to stop this information getting out.

    The censorship and the paid off media machine our government has employed are smearing left right and center.

    Keep up the good work sir.

    • Its in the article


    • It’s sad that this needs sources (there are 1000’s available, do your research, it’s not heard to find) whilst the self proclaimed false prophet makes outlandish claims based on “science” that has absolutely no grounding in science (for example, untested technology and untested “vaccine” that has yet to finish trials and has had Gvmnts around the world changing that product’s definition) yet here we are, you asking for supporting documents! I bet you researched nothing before taking poison that the false prophet said was safe… very sad

  12. Thanks for speaking out, and thanks for undertaking real, investigative journalism – something that is woefully lacking in NZ at the moment.

    Now, just supposing the Govt carries on in the face of all this, because it is my guess that they will carry on regardless – what must we all do? Stand together and say NO!!!

  13. Let’s hope this truth goes mainstream to awaken those hypnotised by the GOVTs safety delusion, before the needless murder of our children by the vaccine.

  14. Finally, some journalism with balls! Awesome to see and so refreshing for someone to be telling the truth, courageous. I’ll definitely be reading many more of your articles to come. Thanks you.

  15. The govt is culpable. The yet Pfizer off the hook. The govt will be held to account and charged with crimes against humanity and treason. Those that “followed the leader” are also responsible for their actions. That includes those urging jabbing, jabbing, and those responsible for sacking unjabbed workers. The penalties must start at life imprisonment for those at the top and lessen for the minions and sycophants. The govt knew about adverse reactions but lied about them. They need to be held responsible for the chaos and personal grief they have caused. Who on earth do they think they are favouring a foreign corporation that only has one goal, that of profit, not health, over the govts own citizens? What possessed the evil politicians to get involved in personal health choices? There can only be one answer. Money, corruption, power. Lock them all up. Throw away the key.

  16. As soon as this madness is over and She is thrown out, there are many, many of us lining up to take her to court. Once parliamentary privilege is gone, she and her henchmen are in trouble. Be afraid Labour, be very afraid.

  17. Thank you Guy and the Daily telegraph, for your courage and the eloquence of the explanations. It gives me hope!
    How do we get this on the mainstream media? The lie must be stopped. And we must save the children.

    • Indeed. Wonderful article. Thank you Guy. We must now all bring as much pressure to bear as possible to prevent the roll out of this poison to our littlies (the 5-11 year olds) scheduled for the New Year.

    • Yes no mainstream media reports any of this why? Maybe they don’t want to admit they are lying and hiding the truth

    • No. Jacinda should be tried for treason – manslaughter -crimes against kiwis and jailed, and all those that supported her in the labour party and the greens that voted & supported the passing of these draconian mandate laws under urgency in parliament jailed, along side her, as an example of Never again.

    • not a bad idea mate, but She has a right to a trial, that’s all though. you really shouldn’t suggest she be shot, that is inciting violence and possibly could turn around and bite you on the bum mate, we don’t want that. though if that were to happen to Jabcinda, i wouldn’t lose any sleep or shed a tear. let’s keep it neat J H and hope for the best outcome.

  18. I agree with the above, thus article needs to be widespread ASAP. The masses who have been mislead and have only trusted ‘your one source of truth’ need to know what’s really behind that ‘truth’. Once the vaccinated can see and read the actual article that’s referred to, boy I wouldn’t like to be in Jacinda and her cohorts’ shoes! A very public punishment needs to be handed down to them and those who were knowingly complicit in forcing Kiwi adults and Children into getting the jab. No attempt has been made by this Govt to obtain and apply proven early treatments to Covid patients, infact Dr’s have been prevented from what they took their hippocratic oath to achieve!

    • This does not take us to the actual article. Is there a hyper-link form?

      I have googled the above but can not access the data/research/article/paper.


  19. stop vaxes immediately, remove mandates and masks. reimburse lost wages and jobs. put Leighton, in as emergency PM. put all of the cabinet in holding cells,awaiting trial. Jabcinda is guilty of mass harm, putting it lightly.
    – Dave Marsh Takaka

  20. The same scenario is followed on the eviromental front, and the ownership of water.
    All politics is based on lies to postion the evil to distroy us useless eaters. The majority of the live stock, that happily, fashionably went along triomphantically visited bars, restaurants and other restricted areas and bullied, mocked and deserted their familie, friend and college are also responsible and accountable for this disaster.

  21. The truth can be played,but will it be believed- by the brainwashed… After having repeatedly having media telling them over & over & over how it was the best interest for society, the general populace has been programmed by the powers that be ,to accept the jab ,without the truth being told … They’ve been CONNED ,& LIED to & most won’t be able to accept otherwise… The brain just won’t allow it ..

  22. The buyer acknowledge that there will be no “Serialization” on the product- Pfizer contract.
    No tracking handling
    No country of origin
    No manufacturers names – of any component or the whole product
    No ingredients

    How any government agreed to it’s purchase speaks to endemic corruption (pardon the pun) such a scale that the general public are used to doing as they are told without any information.

    No informed consent was ever possible.

    The government knew.
    Your doctor knew.
    Only you didn’t know.

    Demand to see the contract

    • Thanks for submitting the OIA, or whomever did that. I will refrain. I see they have said that they will respond by 24th January. Certainly I think that they ought to consider a public release or at least damage control preemptively about this. Im going out on a limb and gonna say they refer to the fact that people have a choice of vaccine in NZ, and perhaps the by then approved pill to make this seem less important.

  23. So what is going to be done about this nightmare that we’re being forced to live? Is there any chance of the nz government being stopped of committing this genocide? Is there any hope for the people of nz? Thank you for your honest reporting

  24. You have shown a basic misunderstanding of how RNA and DNA work. That alone disqualifies you as any sort of expert so I won’t be buying your book either.

  25. And then we did not even talk about the suicides, the businesses that went bust, the postponed surgery’s, the injuries of wearing masks a specially in kids, people who are very lonely and so on, because of this. The government is responsible for that too.

  26. An interesting article. What I would like is for our medical advisors in government and out of government to respond to the document, quickly. Is anyone going to send this Pfizer document to MEdsafe and ask for a response under the OIA, or shall I do that? What i find most frustrating is that while there are certainly 2 sides to this whole debate, noone is facilitating an actual open debate. I wuld very much appreciate say the chief medical advisor having a conversation with someone like Peter McCullogh ir Sam Baily, qualified and respected doctors, or Pierre Kory or anyone. Clearly if the science supports the governments position on the risks of rona and the injection, then such a debate could be very short, woud provide information and opinion and let the people decide.

  27. Thank you for uncovering what has happened to myself and many 1000’s of other Americans as well as people around the world. We have been seriously injured by the mRNA vaccines. We are lucky to have survived our injuries but have been suffering terribly. It is time that the US government acknowledge our reactions, help us with appropriate research and medical care, and compensate those who have been unable to work or support themselves through their illnesses. The blanket denial of these vaccine reactions must stop NOW and the injured must be helped. Enough is enough.

  28. So good to see so many people seeing the sense in this article. It’s incredibly refreshing to see some facts being presented and leaving readers to come to their own conclusions, finally! I am sick to death of the diatribe coming out of the mainstream press and the government doing Pfizers marketing job for them, at NZ taxpayer expense no less. Why the govt agreed to do its primary deal with a company that has a criminal record for fraud, false claims and data manipulation a mile long is beyond me. These revelations in your article are not surprising. Just Google US Justice Dept, Pfizer and also violations tracker, Pfizer and you’ll see for yourself.

  29. The same coverup is happening all over Australia. The hospital and medjcal staff are refusing to acknowledge any of the serious adverse reactions are linked to the vaccine. So many young boys will have life long heart conditions because of the failure to allow this information out.Shame on all who are complicit in this cover up

    • The makers were given indemnity and the Australian gov promised compensation for injury.

      Over 10000 claims already in Australia.

      Good luck proving beyond doubt that it was caused by the shots.

      These drugs still have only emergency authorisation and will not be fully approved until 2023.

      Most people presume the talkings heads are truthful when they claim they are safe.

      Needs an international inquiry into the lies behind the vaccine roll out.

  30. So was it Pfizer who hid it from the government or the governments who hid it from the health professionals? – a very important point.

  31. The deal done between the government and Pfizer needs to open honest and legal. What are they hiding? Pfizer has done very corrupt deals with other countries, demanding seizing the country’s assets. I wonder if they have done the same to the people of NZ?

  32. This is not journalism it’s sensationalism. Where is the rational analysis of the Pfizer data? Jump on the bandwagon of anti-vaccine/anti-government discrediting. On the surface the incidence of side effects looks bad, but compare them to the background rate of these effects in the general population and you will get a better understanding of the risk. Too hard for you? Go back to school!

    • The fact is that Pfizer hid inconvenient data.

      Lying by omission.

      Their track record is poor with billions in fines in the past.

      The trouble with liars? After the first, you can never trust them again.

    • Your Sources, and your qualifications for your smear claims please Richard.

      Otherwise go away… there’s CNN on somewhere for you.

    • Wow what an intelligent response 🤣

      Can’t handle the facts, you have been played and now you look like a fool for getting jabbed ha ha ha ha ha

  33. […] “Pfizer document concedes that there is a large increase in types of adverse event reaction to its va…” – “Knowing full well that safety trials were incomplete, the New Zealand Government apparently accepted information supplied by multinational commercial interests at face value,” writes Guy Hatchard in the Telegraph New Zealand. […]

  34. Well done to Japan for their intelligence and far sightedness in using Ivermectin effectively. Why not NZ? See the article below.

    Why isn’t this info front page news affecting NZ’s public health decisions? Yes, why not? Just think no more lockdowns, no more mandates, no more people losing their jobs, no more social division – and no more control. That’s why we’re not using Ivermectin, it’s not within the world’s wealthiest and WEF’s etc’s sociopathic global plan, that the kowtowing NZ Labour party leaders are now entirely in lockstep with. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  35. The Mandates that have been thrown at these people should stand trial for murder as that is exactly what it is..End of story…

  36. I’m interested in why you didn’t link to the Pfizer document apparently released. Are you able to provide that link please?

  37. If you can’t tell the difference between an adverse event and an adverse reaction, you shouldn’t write about pharmacovigilance. This is a garbage article

  38. When all the poor people who were forced to take a vaccine Start dieing will the government be taken to court and jailed for crimes against humanity .

  39. When all the poor people who were forced to take a vaccine Start dieing will the government be taken to court and jailed for crimes against humanity .