Sunday, 17 November 2019

Greenhouse gas models are pseudoscience

Page of links to articles and points critical of greenhouse gas models.

The writings below are radical challenges to the IPCC / 'climate consensus' greenhouse gas effect, GHGE, model. They don't all agree there's no greenhouse gas effect. They do agree that what's presented as settled science of the greenhouse gas effect is pseudoscience. Even supporters of the greenhouse gas effect below can't give it more than 10% of the climate warming claimed for it.

This nameless, core model is behind all climate doom and pseudoscience. It's the original 'crime' which all the rest of bad climate science, and fraud is trying to cover up. It's almost like a murder novel = someone makes a mistake, they try to cover it up by committing a little crime. Then they have to cover the little crime up too. Before you know it, they're committing murders to cover up their cover-ups! Consensus climate science is full of this kind of stuff. But no actual murders, not so far. Not unless we include the policy crime of promoting energy poverty and energy scarcity.

  1. Roy Clark:
    • Where it all went wrong with climate science. Summary blog by Roy Clark explaining the main errors of the greenhouse gas model.
    • The Dynamic Greenhouse Effect and the Climate Averaging Paradox, by Roy Clark. This is the book which radically freed my mind from the greenhouse gas effect myth. Roy Clark does not actually say there is no greenhouse gas effect. He says the effect is so small, and the model so bad, that it doesn't matter what mainstream science says about the greenhouse gas effect. We won't know until we measure and model it properly.
    • On Roy Clark's website, there are a number of important papers.
  2. Joseph Postma: 33 °C of greenhouse gas warming is wrong. This error is due to climate consensus getting the wrong location for effective emission height of earth's cooling (using the Stefan-Boltzman Law)
  3. The 'Slayers': Slaying the Sky Dragon, by John O'Sullivan. This is the original anti-GHGE book. I didn't find it too easy to read as it jumps about a bit and feels like a collection of essays rather than a book. It probably needs rewriting by just one person.
  4. Data of 20 million radioisondes is analysed. Scientists plotted molar density against pressure to discover equations of state for troposphere & tropopause
    "data from the weather balloons has shown quite categorically there is no greenhouse effect"
    -- Dr M. Connolly, time=52:41
  5. Dr Ronan Connolly and Dr Michael Connolly.
    ... there is no empirical scientific evidence whatever for a 'greenhouse effect' from any so-called 'greenhouse gases'. The thermal gradient/enhancement in the Earth's troposphere comes from auto-compression and convection - not from any non-existent "Greenhouse Effect"...
    -- Robert Holmes, Twitter: @1000Frolly, YouTube,
  6. The Earth was a snowball when CO₂ was 4,200 ppm.
  7. Escape from model land, with discussion. More discussion at WUWT
  8. David Evans
  9. Geraint Hughes. Only recently published.
  10. Finnish professors Sarkomaa & Ruottu write 92 page report critical of IPCC; especially critical of climate models.
  11. Joseph Postma.

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