Monday, 20 February 2023

Welcome to your new Kafka state!

It'll be a "Trial" for you everyday, from now on in!

Someone wrote:

"It is not unlawful in Britain to 'misgender' someone - not even in Scotland"

I replied:

It is not yet unlawful to 'misgender' someone. We now live in a Kafka state - where the cops, spooks, and authoritarians make it up as they go.
  1. Watch the recent Shellenberger interview on Triggernometry.
  2. Also watch this extract: Benjamin Boyce interview with Helen Roy (ex-CIA), ( Time: 32:06 )
    "A huge part of like the whole political reversion for me was actually a sort of like a really close examination of gender roles and the narrative: the feminist narrative. The Narrative around like what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman and at the time, I was really, I was on this track, Like I said earlier, like I'd really thrown myself into my studies I'd done very well. I was actually working in the intelligence community. Total glowy fed over here. But I mean I was in Chinese; so it made sense right? But like it was just all OFF. It was all off. It was disordered and I just felt like: there was a huge issue in the American government of a total lack of grand strategy; a total lack of a sort of a grounding narrative and understanding of who we are and why we exist in the world. Basically, the only thing that they could come up with, I think, this is true across agencies and now in the military too, is just global gay rights; and we'll just, we're just gonna, you know, fight the trans fight in every country we can [Laugths]. I found that disturbing. Anyway, I found that radicalizing to be honest. So while I was doing that I was I was writing and I was thinking about about all this stuff and I started to just write about it and think about it. And I became friends with people in politics, and then this sort of evolved and I started the podcast and still this is really what I'm interested in is the American family. That masculinity and femininity. I hate, I don't like, the way that - your words - are sort of used to describe very superficial characteristics I think manhood and womanhood are very deep spiritual realities."

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