Friday, 5 November 2021

Antarctica is cooling rapidly

The coldest temperature on record was measured in Antarctica this last Southern winter. In addition 27 studies, reported at NoTricksZone, in the last 3 years confirm that Antarctica has been cooling for 4 decades.

27 Sept 2021
More Evidence Antarctica Has Been Cooling, Regional Sea Ice Increasing For Over 40 Years
19 Sept 2021
Body Of Evidence: All Of Antarctica Is Cooling… Peninsula Cooling Since Long Before Greta Was Born
17. Sept 2021
Scientists Find “Surprising” And “Statistically Significant” Cooling Trend Over Entire Continental Antarctica
28. Aug 2021
The Most Inconvenient Region On The Planet For Global Warming Alarmists: Antarctica Sees Growing Sea Ice
9. Aug 2021
New Study: Antarctica Added 0.76 cm To Sea Levels Since 1992…Ice Extent Has Been Advancing Since 2009
26. July 2021
New Study Finds East And West Antarctica Have Profoundly Cooled By -2.8°C And -1.68°C Since 1979
12. July 2021
New Study: A ‘Profound’ ~1°C Cooling Trend Across East Antarctica Since 1979 Is ‘Likely To Accelerate’
7. Mar 2021
NASA Surface Station Data Show East Antarctica NOT WARMING Past 4 Decades…Cooling Trend
26. Feb 2021
Antarctica Has Been COOLING Over The Past Quarter Century, NASA’s Surface Station Data Show
15 Oct 2020
New Study: East Antarctica Was Up To 6°C Warmer Than Today During The Medieval Warm Period
18. Sept 2020
Scientists: Antarctica Ice Sheet Thinned 400 Meters 5000 Years Ago, And Natural Oceanic Cycles Drive Climate
3 Sept 2020
New Study: An East Antarctica Region Has Cooled -0.7°C Per Decade Since The 1980s
14 Jan 2020
Comprehensive Data, Recent Studies In Top Journals: Antarctica Stable, Temps Falling, Ice Mass Growing!
15 July 2019
Scientists Find Antarctica Is Rapidly Cooling And Any Ice Sheet Melt Is Not Due To CO2, But Natural
27 May 2019
Remote Sensing Data Indicate A -2.44ÂșC Summer Cooling For Antarctica Sea Ice Regions During 1982-2015
23. Apr 2018
12 New Papers Affirm A 21st Century Cessation Of Arctic Warming And A Rapid Cooling Across Antarctica

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