Thursday, 13 October 2016

Helen Caldicott tribute page

Here are some of Doctor Helen Caldicott's masterful quotes, mostly dissing nuclear power.

  1. Sputnik News on 9/11

    "I think that 9/11 was Cheney’s Kristallnacht...There are so many things unexplained."
    -- Many Mysteries Surrounding 9/11 Attacks Persist - Global Peace Activist

  2. HC quotes from: Helen Caldicott - "Th" Thorium Documentary, by Gordon McDowell

    • Nuclear power produces massive quantities of global warming gas
    • There are wild boar in Germany that almost glow in the dark
    • About 40 percent of the food, probably, in Europe is radioactive
    • More people have died from Chernobyl than the black plague
    • Japan is, by orders of magnitude, many times worse than Chernobyl
  3. George Monbiot at the Guardian

    The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all, by George Monbiot
    How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation, by Helen Caldicott
    Nuclear opponents have a moral duty to get their facts straight, by George Monbiot
  4. Re: Helen Caldicott: Fukushima's Ongoing Impact, by GoddardsJournal


  1. I think she mean to say Reichstag fire (early 1933), not Kristallnacht (late 1938).
  2. She's always called Doctor Helen Caldicott, although she has not practiced medicine for decades
  3. Russian owned Sputnik News, is endlessly critical of the West, especially in terms of Foreign policy, defence, and energy systems, but somehow never manages a critical comment on anything Putin's Russia does.
  4. During 9/11 Dick Cheney was US Vice President
  5. meaning Fukushima Dai'ichi
  6. An 'order of magnitude' means ten times more. So 'orders of magnitude worse' means:
    10 ×, 100 × or 1000 ×, ... times worse
  7. In fact, radioactive releases at Chernobyl were about ten times greater than Fukushima Daiichi. So HC got her facts almost exactly back-to-front.

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