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Greenhouse Gas Effect, GHGE

This is central for scientists supporting the so-called climate consensus view

There are at least 4 important skeptical scientific positions on it.

  1. Most of the GHGE warming is due to feedback effects which the modellers got wrong. Lord Monckton Full Synopsis of Mathematical Falisification For Global Warming Models
  2. Models are too crude and biased to CO2. A better model can be written to give more importantance to water vapour GHGE.

    E.g. Dr. David Evans

  3. Models are fundamentally wrong and the GHGE is misinformation

    E.g. Dr. Roy Clark. An entirely different model is needed.

  4. Models are wrong and the greenhouse effect is best explained by other means.

    E.g. Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller


  • Greenhouse Effect: The earth is warmer with an atmosphere than it would be without an atmosphere. By about 33 K
  • Greenhouse Gas Effect (GHGE): This greenhouse effect is due to greenhouse gases
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG): Are gases (like CO2 and water vapour) able to absorb and emit mostly IR radiation (but sometimes UV too). (Visible radiation is largely ignored). GHGE is due to the absorption and emission delaying heat loss from the atmosphere.

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