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Fingerprints of ‘natural’ climate variability.

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The fingerprint for man-made climate warming in the climate record is controversial. A fingerprint has been claimed more than once. Most famously by Santer in 1995. But no legitimate CO2-fingerprint is found. See: Searching for the Catastrophe Signal, by Bernie Lewin. In contrast, the signal of natural climate change is easy to see in the climate data record.

Ulric Lyons

Fingerprints of ‘natural’ climate variability.

Rapid AMO warming from the mid 1990’s is covariant with:

  1. A decline in low cloud cover globally, leading to surface warming, and increased upper ocean heat content.
  2. Changes in the vertical distribution of water vapour: Declines in lower stratosphere water vapour leading to cooling. Increases in low-mid troposphere water vapour, at least due to higher SST’s coupled with an increase in surface wind speeds over the oceans, leading to low-mid troposphere warming.
  3. Reduced CO2 uptake in the warmer North Atlantic and in land regions made drier by the warm AMO phase (and increased El Nino).
    All because ocean phases vary inversely to changes in climate forcing.

Added by me:

  1. Combined solar cycles (red) correlate with temperatures: 1000frolly
  2. The sea follows the sun:
  3. Correlation between sea levels with solar cycles:
  4. The sun controls the Mississippi.
  5. Atlantic ocean cycles, AMO, and land surface temperature in the Eastern USA show delayed correlation:
  6. Correlations of global sea surface temperatures with the solar wind speed:

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