Sunday, 20 November 2016


There are real people out here who might classify ourselves as anti-environmentalists. It does not mean against the environment, nor against conservation. It means opposed to the green movement. Given:

  • every proposal made by them is toxic to humanity.
  • their politics by-pass democracy, because they are unpopular and will always fail to convince the public their measures make sense. They can only succeed by sneaking measures in through the backdoor, generally via unelected, unaccountable, bodies.
  • The more their ideas are taken up by society the more harm they cause. For example: every green idea ultimately comes down to some notion of limits. There's not enough to go around, we're running out or resources or making too much waste. That's how it embeds itself in popular consciousness. This will only lead to conflict among groups of people. Calls to restrict immigration. The Nazi invasion of Poland was ultimately a bid to increase Germany's agricultural land. Because Hitler and the Nazi's believed that farmland productivity had been maxed out in the 1930s, and that German people's prosperity was ultimately limited by agriculture. Perhaps the experience of allied blockade in the First World War had something to do with that.
  • Environmentalism is anti-progressive. Everyone on the left, right and centre of politics should oppose and marginalize environmentalists.

Goolge: 'anti-environmentalism'. I bet every article out there written by know-nothing greens. They are blind to their faults.


  1. Don't we still need a term for those truly hostile to the environment and conservation?

    This mentality is strong among American evangelical Christians (many of whom expect the world to end in their lifetime anyway), and is exemplified by Ann Coulter's "God says Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours", as well as by the "coal-rolling" fad.

  2. Ann Coulter is one person. I don't need a new word to describe the views of one person.

    Nor do I think that really represents what she thinks. It could just be anti-PC rhetoric. Very common on the Alt-right now. It's just a single quote, not a thought out article nor even blog post, nor a pattern of quotes.