Sunday, 12 November 2017


Nuclear power: Life Needs (Some) Radiation, by Veronique Greenwood Economics of SMR Manufacturing Volumes 1 & 2 COP23: France has been named Fossil of the Day at the UN climate change summit The Mistaken Birth and Adoption of LNT: An Abridged Version, By Dr Edward J. Calabrese. Environmentalism Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate, by Murry L. Salby A Test of the Anthropogenic Sea Level Rise Hypothesis, by Jamal Munshi Jim Hacker on Global Warming Report Finds Big Energy Companies Gave Big $ and Got Big Favors From Governor Brown With Dollars and Decisions Flowing In Close Proximity To Each Other Solar Power Actually Made Global Warming Worse, Says New Study NOAA's best surface measuring equipment: "state-of-the-art ultra-reliable triple redundant weather stations placed on pristine environments", show no surface warming in 12 years HERETICAL THOUGHTS ABOUT SCIENCE AND SOCIETY, by Freeman Dyson, youtube

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